5 Great Winter Roof Maintenance Tips

Here in Columbus, we just got our first snow of the season. And while it wasn’t enough to bury anyone’s car, it WAS enough to get us thinking about preparing ourselves for the winter ahead. Homeowners don’t always consider the effect that snow and cold temperatures can have on their homes. Luckily, a few winter roof maintenance tips can put you on the right track.

We know all about how a roof can be damaged by wind or take a real beating from a hailstorm, but what about that fluffy white Christmas miracle we shovel from our driveways and shelter by the fire from with mugs of hot cocoa? Well, it isn’t going to put a hole in your roof like a golfball-sized hailstone, but a cold winter actually can cause some trouble for your roof if you aren’t careful. Luckily, it’s freakin’ easy to prep your home for the season with just a few winter roof maintenance tips.

Blue snow-covered home that hopefully had winter roof maintenance done!
Do your winter roof maintenance BEFORE the neighborhood looks like this!

We’ve been working in the Columbus roof market for quite some time. When winter hits, we understand that the last thing you want to do is go outside and deal with your exterior. Climbing on a ladder with black ice on the ground isn’t everyone’s cup of tea (and like I said, this is hot cocoa season anyway!). That’s why it’s a great idea to get out there and run through a quick checklist of the most important winter roof maintenance tips BEFORE the ice and snow make it miserable to do so.

For that, I’ve distilled a wonderful checklist from Family Handyman down to those items that pertain specifically to winter rooftop maintenance. Let’s take a look at these and then get you out there to take a look at things before it’s too late!

Winter Roof Maintenance Tips

Clean Out Those Gutters

Fall has come and gone. All the pumpkins and changing leaves have fallen to the wayside … or have they? Admittedly, we’re yet to stumble upon an old pumpkin lodged in anyone’s gutter system, but fallen leaves are another story entirely. You’ll want to be sure you take the time to pull any blockages from your gutters before the cold sets in.


Take a Look at Those Trees

Did you find any leaves in your gutters? If so, I’m going to go out on a limb and say you have some trees surrounding your home (I get one bad pun per post, okay?). Before you get too cozy on the couch, do a sweep of all the trees on your property. Are any of them close enough that they could cause you trouble by falling onto the house during a winter storm? If so, consider trimming them back and/or calling a service.

Assuming you don’t find any overhanging trees, this will be one of the quickest winter roof maintenance tips to knock out. And if you do have trees to deal with, it’s a tip that will pay off in spades when you avoid the headache of that problem oak crashing into your beautiful house on a December evening!


Combat Those Icicles!

My aunt’s ranch up in Powell gets icicles hanging from its gutters like nobody’s business. And while they’re pretty to look at, icicles aren’t so great for your home and personal safety. While clearing your gutters should help you avoid ice dams and icicles, if you have poor insulation or more of a flat style of roof, it’s possible ice will still form. Be on the lookout for this through the winter, as ice damming and sharp icicles have the potential to cause damage to your gutters or worse, your person!

Winter roof of red house with icicles


Clear All That Junk Off Your Roof

While a Columbus roof is pretty unlikely to be as flat as something you might find on an Arizona or New Mexico home, it’s worth checking to make sure that no tree limbs or other nonsense found its way up there over the last year. If you have kids, you can probably hazard a guess as to just how many frisbees and baseballs we’ve found on our shingle installs and rooftop maintenance jobs over the years 😂


Check For Shingle Damage

You’re probably in good shape if you had us install Atlas shingles on your roof, but give your rooftop a look. Are any missing or broken shingles? Are any particularly discolored? Damage can look like a variety of things, so if you have any questions, we always advise scheduling a free drone estimate.

It’s seriously the easiest, no-pressure way to ensure your Columbus roof won’t have any issues this winter. Just text us your address and we’ll let you know if we find anything up there worth paying attention to. ✈️


Hopefully, you found our winter roof maintenance tips helpful as we face down another Ohio winter together. For any other questions, always feel free to give us a call or shoot us a message!


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