Atlas Architectural Roofing Shingles: The Top 3 Options

When it comes to roof shingles, an architectural style is a popular choice, and it’s not too hard to see why. These shingles have a beveled appearance that conveys style and sophistication. But whether we’re installing these or another style such as slate or three-tab shingles, our team sources our roofing materials from the industry’s best shingles manufacturer. That manufacturer is Atlas Roofing. With this in mind, I’ve compiled our top 3 choices for Atlas architectural roofing shingles.

About Atlas Roofing

Established in 1982, Atlas Roofing expanded to the whopping 33 plants and facilities it currently operates across the continent. The company ships worldwide and offers a wide range of products from molded polystyrene to the world-famous architectural shingles you came here for.

Atlas Architectural Roofing Shingles

Two GPro Exteriors employees installing Atlas architectural shingles on a roof.

Our list will go by price, starting with the very best option for beauty on a budget…

ProLam™ — The Value Pick From Atlas Architectural Roofing Shingles

The ProLam offers a whole lot to homeowners (and business owners) while remaining relatively affordable. For example, it is the only “value” model of Atlas roof shingles we use that comes standard with a lifetime limited warranty from the manufacturer. This is the same powerful warranty that comes with the highest-end Atlas Roofing shingles such as the StormMaster series. Moreover, at 130 mph wind resistance, the ProLam is also built to withstand wind speeds more than twice as high as its three-tab equivalent. In other words, these are great architectural shingles for the value.

Key Features

  1. Lifetime Limited Warranty
  2. Signature Select Eligibility
  3. Wind Resistant up to 130 miles per hour
  4. Algae-Resistant Materials

Atlas Shingle Color Options: ProLam

Black Shadow, Burnt Sienna, Desert Shake, Hearthstone Gray, Heather, Pewter, Weathered Wood.

Pinnacle Pristine® — The Designer Pick From Atlas Architectural Roofing Shingles

These fiberglass shingles provide the strength and warranty protection of the ProLam. But they also have a little bit better algae protection. Sporting a Scotchgard Protector, these shingles combat the nasty black streaks that can damage a home’s value over time. In addition to that, these shingles qualify as a Holmes Approved Product. Roofing contractors in Columbus, Ohio or wherever else you go will tell you that a Holmes stamp of approval really means something in this industry. But one of the coolest things about the Pinnacle Pristine model of Atlas architectural roofing shingles is the vast and varied choice of colors. The “Natural Expressions” color line means that there’s truly something stunning for every style of home.

Key Features

  1. Lifetime Limited Warranty
  2. Signature Select Eligibility
  3. 130 mph Wind Resistance
  4. Scotchgard Protector
  5. Holmes Approved Product
  6. Natural Expressions Color Scheme Options

Atlas Shingle Color Options: Pinnacle Pristine

Coastal Granite, Copper Canyon, Majestic Shake, Morning Harvest, Summer Storm, Pristine Black, Pristine Desert, Pristine Green, Pristine Hearthstone, Pristine Heather, Pristine Hickory, Pristine Oyster, Pristine Pearl, Pristine Pewter, Pristine Sienna, Pristine Sunset, Pristine Tan, Pristine Weathered Shadow, & Pristine Weathered Wood.


StormMaster Shake® — The Premium Pick From Atlas Architectural Roofing

Now for the crème de la crème of Atlas architectural roofing shingles: the StormMaster Shake. On top of boasting all the key features of the Pinnacle Pristine line, these roofing shingles take things up another notch. For example, StormMaster Shake has the highest wind resistance rating on the market. To put it simply, if Dorothy’s aunt and uncle would have had their local roofers install these, there wouldn’t have been a movie.

Additionally, Core4 technology means you get thermal stability, extreme weather resistance, modified polymer technology, and superior flexibility and toughness. It’s class 4 impact resistance means you’re almost certainly looking at a discount on your insurance rates if you live in Ohio or Michigan. Regardless, our team of licensed insurance adjusters can help you get the most money possible whenever it comes to a roof repair or roof shingles repair.

Key Features

  1. Signature Select Warranty Eligibility
  2. Lifetime Limited Warranty
  3. Wind Resistant up to 150 miles per hour
  4. Scotchgard Protector
  5. Holmes Approved Product
  6. Class 4 Impact Resistant (may lead to discounts on your insurance)
  7. Core4 Enhanced Polymer Technology
  8. Natural Expression Color Options

Atlas Shingle Color Options: StormMaster Shake

Black Shadow, Chestnut, Copper Canyon, Hearthstone Gray, Highland Brown, Majestic Shake, Morning Harvest, Pewter, Silver Stone, Weathered Wood.

September 2021 Announcement: Win Cash Prizes by Watching Season 2 of the Popular Atlas Web Series!

Atlas has officially released the second season of a roofing web show in partnership with Mike Holmes and 3M. Hosted by Mike’s son and daughter, Season 2 of “Roof It Right” will give away $3,000 to contractors who “complete a simple challenge” each week. 

The Final Word on Atlas Architectural Roofing Shingles

As an Atlas Pro Installer, GPro Exteriors is equipped with the best roofing shingles under the sun. Because of our years of experience and the 3 key reasons, we put our trust in Atlas Roofing. So when it comes to Atlas architectural roofing shingles, you can rest easy knowing whichever of these choices you go with, they’re going to last you a lifetime.

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