How to Save Big on Commercial Roofing Services

If you own or manage a business, you know all about how expenses can stack up. With all of the upkeep required (not to mention the effort to vet and retain vendors), there’s a real incentive to cut costs. You may be tempted to see where you can cut down on commercial roofing services, and we have a way for you to do that.

The thing about roof maintenance is that a lot of folks don’t think much about it. Your roof is an easy thing to keep “out of sight, out of mind” because… well, it’s already out of sight for most people most of the time. Even otherwise prudent owners and managers will often wait until there’s a roof repair emergency before they’ll spend money on it. And while that can result in much higher repair bills, we have a new program to ensure that Columbus and Detroit area businesses stay safe AND budget-conscious!

A foggy morning looking down on several commercials roofs with smoke coming out of their chimneys.

Retail Roofing Maintenance

While winter home maintenance steps may also apply to your business’ roof, it’s likely to be a bit of a different bear. Perhaps your company has an especially large building, non-traditional materials like those on a metal roof, or hard-to-reach skylights you’re just not sure how to deal with.

But for the sake of conversation, let’s assume your roof is small and similar to the one on your home — it’s still an unwanted responsibility and expense when you’re busy trying to run a successful business. For many business owners, this means waiting… waiting… waiting…. until a commercial roof repair service call is unavoidable.

Commercial Roof Repairs Can Be Expensive

You know it. You’ve been dreading it. Commercial roof repairs can really eat into your bottom line, and who even knows how bad things are looking up there? It’s been years since anyone’s checked, right?

This is a very real conundrum. We’ve seen our commercial partners face it over the years: the dance of balancing a monthly budget with long-term prudence, big service bills, and safety. No judgement here — we get it. That’s actually why we forged another partnership recently.

Overhead Care Club

The Overhead Care Club is a way to finally stop overspending on retail roofing in Ohio. Partnering with SGI, we’re able to offer this exterior service package in addition to our current residential package, the Farmhouse Refresh special.

Bottom line: NO ONE wants the rude surprise of a $30k roof replacement. But as a commercial roof repair company, we preach the fact that the way to avoid spending a boatload in 10 years is to invest a little right now. That roof maintenance we mentioned before? It really is the way to go, but our Care Club makes it a much easier pill to swallow — a sweeter deal than we’ve ever been able to offer commercially before.

Aerial view of a complex of grey, commercial buildings.Up until now, the short-term/long-term budget dance has been an awkward one. Sure, you might call up your roofer once in a blue moon to make sure nothing’s horribly wrong, but if that’s been it then you’re at risk. With the Overhead Care Club, businesses can finally get roof and attic inspections, gutter cleanings, priority emergency service, and constant peace of mind at a very reasonable rate.

Care Club Features

  • Clean Gutters
    • Your days on the ladder are over, friend. We’ll take care of up to 150 feet of your gutters every year.
  • Annual Roof Checkup
  • Annual Attic Analysis
    • Thumbtack (whose average cost estimate for roof inspections is right on par with HomeAdvisor’s), puts the national average around $160 to tack a thorough attic inspection onto your roof inspection. Our crew will check it all for you each year.
  • Exclusive Member Discounts
    • For starters, we take 10% off of all repairs. Secondly, we’ll only charge you a $19.99 service fee on repair visits ($49-99 for non-club members).
  • Lifetime Repair Guarantee
    • When you’re a current Overhead Care Club member, all roof repairs are guaranteed for the life of your roof.
  • Priority Guaranteed Appointments
    • If you do end up having an emergency, we’ll move what we need to around to come to the rescue within 24 hours of your call.

We’re running this full commercial package membership promo for $276/month (paid quarterly).

Commercial Roofing Services Made Affordable

We’re truly over the moon to be able to start offering this to our commercial clients. This is essentially a form of roofing insurance that includes service perks. As a club member, you get the lifetime repair guarantee along with priority service and discounts.

If you manage to find a better roof maintenance deal than this for your business, you may have actually just fallen asleep at your desk…

Questions About Commercial Roof Maintenance?

We’re here for all of your questions! Give us a ring any time you like, or reach out to us on social media through Facebook or Instagram!

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