House Siding Options: Vinyl or Wood?

Choosing the siding for your home is an important decision. We know our customers want to get it right, so we thought we’d break down some of the pros and cons for two of the most common house siding options: wood and vinyl. When it comes to the question of wood vs. vinyl, there’s no simple answer. But there are some factors that may influence your decision, and that’s what we’ll be diving into.

A GPro Exteriors crew member installing our vinyl house siding option on a two garage home.

So which is the best choice between wood and vinyl house siding options? Well, as a general rule of thumb, we suggest vinyl siding over wood siding. But it’s not for everyone or even for every situation! The decision depends on a variety of things including budget, willingness to maintain, and preferred aesthetic. Either one can be a great option, depending on what you want to accomplish.

House Siding Options

Do you have more options than vinyl and wood? Of course! But these are two of the most economical and durable choices. Let’s take a look at what each will bring you.


Wood house siding option on a beautiful country home with a long driveway and detached garage.


  • Looks great
    • Wood will give your home a classic, rugged look. We’re not going to mince words here: The best wood house siding options look like a million bucks. You can achieve a traditional log cabin look or something more modern, but either way, it’s probably going to look great.
  • Several options
    • As is implied by the phrase, “the best wood house siding options,” there are plenty of possibilities. You’re not stuck to one style or wood type. From lap siding to shake siding and cypress to cedar,  wood opens up a wide world of potential for house siding.
  • High ROI
    • According to, homeowners who choose wood over other house siding options can expect up to a 77% return on the investment. Of course, that doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily recoup that much, but the potential is there.


  • Can be costly
  • Potential for rot
    • If you don’t go with the higher end stuff, as mentioned above, you may run into the kind of natural rotting you see on downed trees in the woods. Obviously, this can cause problems if it becomes the case.
  • Maintenance required
    • To avoid wood rot, there may be more needed in the way of maintenance when you choose this house siding option.


Vinyl siding on a grey building with orange around the windows and doors.


  • Looks good
    • There’s a reason that vinyl is so often used as a substitute for wood siding. It can look like any varietyy of things. Our team has worked with hundreds of homeowners to find the right look for their home that will increase curb appeal. Frankly, homeowners usually go with vinyl over other house siding options.
  • Many options
    • When it comes to GPro’s vinyl manufacturer, you basically get a hundred and one options. Vinyl is versatile, and it can almost be overwhelming to pin donw what you want, but as I mentioned above, we can help. When we find the color and style samples that you want, they’ll come with our lifetime limited siding warranty.


  • High ROI
  • Almost zero maintenance
    • Probably the greatest benefit of vinyl siding is the fact that there often is little to no maintenance required. At least for the vinyl house siding options that we install, the siding essentially becomes a set-and-forget feature of the house. It doesn’t require almost anything of the homeowner, which is pretty nice.


  • Can’t achieve every high-end look
    • Vinyl is often used as a substitute for that quintessential wood look, but in some cases, you may just want the real thing. If you’re willing to spend a little more on it, you own a higher-end home that would benefit from an organic look, and you know the aesthetic you want, wood may be the choice that gets you there.

The Wrap-Up: Vinyl Siding Over Wood Siding

It’s not a blanket decision. Sure, we usually recommend vinyl siding over wood siding, but there are definitely situations where wood is the right call. Do your research, look at a variety of samples, and give us a ring if you have any questions.

We also offer free drone quotes, so be sure to take advantage (and maybe a video or two!) the next time you need any roofing or siding work done!

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