The Pros and Cons of Vinyl Windows

You have options when it comes to your windows. Not every type of window works best for every home, but we let you choose between options from the best three manufacturers in the midwest. The team at GPro has the benefit of generational experience and 14 years in business for ourselves. In short, we’ve tested a lot of what’s out there. As a result, we’re certain we have the best sources of vinyl windows for homes in Columbus and Detroit. I want to go through some of the pros and cons of vinyl windows in general and also, more specifically, look at the ones we offer customers. But first, a little about the window replacement process.

What Can You Expect From a GPro Window Replacement Crew?

When you schedule a window replacement, you can expect a small crew of expert installers to show up. Unlike a roofing job, vinyl window replacement jobs are relatively quick. You won’t be held up for more than a day. The only thing we request that customers take care of ahead of time is removing the blinds. This ensures that if you choose our window replacement team, they can hit the ground running as soon as they arrive!

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Pros and Cons of Vinyl Windows

Pros of GPro’s Vinyl Windows

  • Almost Zero Maintenance
    • We find that this is a huge selling point for most of our customers. Once we install them, you’re good to go. See you in 30 years for your next window replacement!
  • Save Money on Heating Bills
    • Due to the energy-efficient nature of vinyl windows, you’re likely to end up saving on heating bills in the years to come. Our models are also very UV resistant, meaning you won’t have to deal with crazy glare from the sun at odd times throughout the day.
  • Increase Curb Appeal
    • Whether a bay or basement window replacement is in the cards, vinyl can be a classy addition to most homes without breaking the bank.
  • A Popular and Relatively Inexpensive Choice
    • According to Consumer Reports’ Replacement Buying Guide, “vinyl frames are popular…. you may still find some all-aluminum windows, but their popularity has declined with the development of vinyl.” The guide also points that this type of window frame usually costs less than other types like wood or composite.

Potential Cons of Vinyl Windows in General

  • Fewer Color Options
    • According to another Consumer Reports article, “you’ll probably find fewer options when choosing colors and hardware.” We try to keep options as wide as possible by giving customers access to the three top manufacturers in the midwest.
  • Highest Overall Cost in 10 Years
    • One Remodeling report graph shows that the average cost of vinyl window replacement is at the highest it has been in the studied periods since 2010. However, the same graph shows that a vinyl replacement project actually retains more value than it did in any studied period since 2010.


For us, the pros and cons of vinyl windows skew toward the “pro” side. Do some research, look at your options, and let us know if you have any questions along the way!

GPro Exteriors has an A+ with the Better Business Bureau. We are recognized as an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor, listed with Home Advisor Pro, and approved by the Retail Contractors Association.

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