Roof Shingles Damaged by Wind? Here’s How to Check

A heavy wind can take down trees and toss debris all over your yard. Worse yet, heavy enough winds can do damage to your roof. If you’ve had a big storm in your area, you may be concerned that your roof shingles were damaged by the wind. It’s definitely wise to check. For this reason, you should take a look below at some of the easiest ways for homeowners to check a roof for wind damage.

Wind storm bending a tree

3 Ways to Check For Damaged Roof Shingles

According to a report from the National Weather Service, there were over 16,000 cases of severe windstorms in the United States in 2019, with Ohio coming in 7th out of all 50 states. In other words, wind damage can be a real issue for Ohio homeowners.

Gauge Wind Speed

Whew! The storm’s over. So what now? Superstorm Restoration over in Iowa suggests checking out that wind speed, and we agree! They have a wind speed damage infographic (scroll down a tad) that gives some helpful numbers. These numbers will guide you in assessing the likelihood of any damage to your roof shingles from the storm.

Wind speeds can be a huge indicator of whether your roof shingles were damaged in bad weather. However, you can’t exactly walk outside with a radar gun in the middle of a storm to check speeds. Luckily, you can find past weather reports for Columbus, Detroit, and beyond at

Find out how bad the storm really was, compare it to a metric for dangerous wind speeds, and you’ll have a better idea of whether or not you’re looking at a serious roof repair.

Pro Tip: As our friends over at Owens Corning point out, different types of shingles are manufactured for different wind speeds. GPro Exteriors is an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor. This means we have a reputation for high-quality service and materials. By way of example, our StormMaster Shake shingles are warrantied for up to 150 mph. For reference, that’s faster than Hurricane Florence’s top recorded wind speed. 💨

StormMaster Shake roof shingles
Atlas roof shingles are the best in the business. Bar none.

DIY Damage Check

Just as you can when checking your roof for hail damage, it never hurts to do a DIY examination before you call for a free roof repair estimate. See if your roof shingles show obvious signs of damage. Is anything immediately visible from the ground? If you have a ladder and can use it safely, climb up to the gutter level. At the very least after that, you’ll have your own information to take into any conversations should you need to find a contractor or hire a local roofing company.

Lastly, a simple perimeter sweep may reveal broken shingles or roofing materials in your yard. Depending on how bad the winds and how well-installed your shingles, you may find something. Detached roofing material is, of course, an indicator that some damage has been done. But only a roofing professional will be able to quickly tell you the extent of it.


Damaged roof shingles
Missing roof shingles are a clear sign of roof damage.

Get a Free Drone Estimate

If you suspect a problem with your roof, there’s no reason not to get a drone estimate. The best option is the one that requires no money, time, or obligation, and that’s exactly what a drone quote is. In addition, there are a variety of less obvious benefits to drone estimates for roof repairs, not the least of which being social distancing during the pandemic.

None of this is intended to discourage you from doing the previous steps though. Do those too! The more you know the better. At the end of the day, however, there’s only one way to get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your roof is in perfect shape. So whether it’s a roof leak, missing roof shingles, or a full roof repair, the wise move is always to have a roofing pro take a look.

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