The Top 3 Reasons We Use Atlas Shingles

GPro Exteriors roofing customers know all about our relationship with Atlas. We show the same type of loyalty to our favorite shingle manufacturers that our customers show to us. But it isn’t some silly or arbitrary decision to use one shingle manufacturer. Atlas shingles have been our choice for years. And they’ve been so for three key reasons.

Some folks do ask about it every now and then though… Why take such a strong stance on shingles? Why not offer different options? So to answer that, a quick parable…

Once upon a time, there was a man named Charles. The thing about Charles was that he LOVED pizza. Charles was absolutely passionate about finding new pies, and he traveled all over the world trying everything he could get his hands on. All of his friends knew Charles as their go-to source for pizza recommendations, no matter where they traveled in the world.

mozzarella pizza with basil leaves

But one day, Charles tried a pizza that changed everything.

“This…” he wrote to all his friends. “This the best pizza I’ve ever tasted. Drop your dinner plans and come eat with me immediately.”

But Charles’ friends weren’t too keen on that considering the cost of airfare and the short notice. “Can’t you just recommend something where we are? One pizza isn’t really worth it.”

Charles was baffled when he read their letters. Not worth it?!? Didn’t they understand what he was saying? This was the pizza of a lifetime!

After his initial confusion, Charles began to realize that it was unfair to ask so much of his friends. This was his passion after all — not theirs. He couldn’t expect his friends to appreciate every little intricacy of the greatest pizza ever made.

But he could bring it home to them and serve it to everyone he cared about. “Never again…” Charles vowed. Never again will my friends eat inferior pizza. And legend has it that Charles shared his great find with everyone he knew. And of all who took a bite, it is said that none ever ordered any other pizza again.

(Legend also has it that Charles came back with a big ol’ box of pineapple pizza, so do with that information what you will…)

Atlas Shingles

Much like Charles, we’re passionate about what we do. When you’ve been around for as long as we have, you start to learn what works and what doesn’t. We understand that the “why” may not be super important to all of our customers, but we also strive to be transparent as a company. Rather than keep this industry decision to ourselves, we want to share why we only use Atlas shingles. Here are the three essential reasons…

A man in a straw hat installs Atlas shingles on a suburban home.


We had been installing roofs in the Greater Columbus area for years. Then we found Atlas shingles. It was as though a lightbulb went off. Like Charles’ pizza, every aspect of Atlas shingles had been built to a standard we had never seen in the other materials we tried.

The top three Atlas Architectural options we install have a minimum 130 m.p.h wind rating, a wide variety of premium color options, and WAY more. We encourage prospective buyers to check out the list of features and styles for themselves.

Similarly, our Slate and Three-Tab options boast the most luxurious and durable builds of their kind.


As roofers, we know what we’re getting with Atlas shingles. Whatever option our customers choose, we have a crew that’s done it before. That aids us in our mission to give efficient roofing estimates. It also lets us give customers a clear picture of what they can expect when the project is finished.


You may think that I mean the customer’s comfort. And I don’t not mean that. Atlas is the company we trust to make our customers happy. That’s the main reason we use them. But the comfort level of our GPro crew is also extremely important to us.

By choosing Atlas, we know that we can have our guys trained on product-specific installation techniques. We also know that our entire crew is always on the exact same page at the beginning of each project.

There’s never a question about how a job should go, because (per above) we’ve been there a hundred times before. And that’s extremely valuable — both for the happiness of our team and for the end product we leave our customers.🏠🏠

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