Key Features

  • Residential and Commercial
  • Repair or Replace
  • Extensive Color Choices

Drive through any neighborhood in the Midwest come October, and you’re bound to see someone on a ladder cleaning out their gutters. Once a GPro Exteriors professional installs your new gutters, you can say goodbye to your days up on that ladder. If you choose, we can outfit your home with a self-cleaning aluminum gutter guard system. That means no more constant clogging and overflow. These 5” gutter systems eliminate the need for climbing up on rickety ladders all the time. Choose from 50 colors to get the perfect look for your home! If you have some gutter damage but don’t need a full system replacement, we’ll repair your gutters and get your home ready for the season.  

Is your business in need of a new gutter protection system? Not a problem. Our 6” gutters are the go-to choice for commercial buildings. From the gutters themselves down to the insulation and caulk we use, GPro technicians will choose the perfect materials for the unique makeup of your building. As with residential gutter jobs, we can also repair your company’s gutter system in situations that don’t require a full replacement. 


How do I know if I need gutters?
If your gutters are bent, it’s probably time to swap out your system for a new one. Another telltale sign? Ugliness! If you don’t like the way your gutters look—if they’re old and outdated—it might be worth an upgrade to raise your home value.
How often should I replace my gutters?
This totally varies. Factors like upkeep can extend the life of a gutter significantly. That’s one reason why a self-cleaning gutter system like the type we install in homes all over Columbus and Detroit can be such a wise investment.