Key Features

  • Includes Robust Warranty
  • Rigorously Tested
  • Minimal Maintenance

We source our siding materials with three things in mind: durability, value, and aesthetic appeal. After over a decade as a trusted name in Columbus and Detroit, our siding professionals know quality when they see it. Choose from an extensive palette of standard and unique colors to select the right fit for your home. We’ll work with you and offer recommendations to add value and curb appeal to your family home. 

One of the greatest benefits of our materials is the minimal upkeep. Going with GPro’s selection of insulated, vinyl siding options means you’ll never have to repaint! Say hello to virtually no maintenance requirements. Every siding install is tested upon completion by your GPro technician to ensure it withstands the years in style and with very little extra attention. Your damage-resistant vinyl siding also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.  


What siding is best for a house?
This depends somewhat on your budget and needs. We like vinyl for a few reasons. Good vinyl siding shares the pleasing texture and aesthetic of wood siding, but without all the frustrating maintenance. Vinyl siding also gives a high-value return and looks great on any home without the steep price tag of stone or brick, which can run upwards of 10 times the cost. Our vinyl material is warrantied as well. This makes it a wise choice that consistently weathers the years.
What are the signs that I need new siding?
If the siding on your home shows signs of fading or cracking, it's time to look at having it replaced. If it was installed over 20 years ago, depending on the material and quality of installation, it may also be time for replacement.